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Why many of us have pity over people in wretched conditions, with shabby looks and dirty clothes. And why few of us feel so bad about their condition that they don’t mind giving spare coins to these unprivileged humans. Feeling that he or she is living comfortable life and untidy person knocking on the car doors for changes is fighting to have meal for two times can drive anyone emotional and devoid him or her of reasons. A person can think giving few coins to beggars or urchins on traffic signal wouldn’t solve their problems but make their day little easier.

I have observed this tendency in many volunteers, whose soul aim is to make a day little better for children studying in schools or community centers sponsored by various NGOs. They are over protective and most of the times forgetful of shortcomings in children attending the class. So who suffer in the end …. These overprotective Sirji and Madamji would eventually leave that project or classes because of other commitments in life and replaced same kind of sugar coated very very sensitive and emotional volunteers. But these children miss another chance to become more equal in our highly unequal society.

I wish to have system where they are treated professionally than emotionally. They are poor and unprivileged and they would have to leave with this fact. Our aim should be make them aware of power of education and how it can change their lives And why they should always strive for better education. We can give them new bags so that they don’t feel bad among other children in school. We can provide them with clothes and we can many more things. But why to do all so .. Why make them privileged and I wonder if doing so would possible in long run …. Why not limit ourselves to giving them education, preparing them for better schools and guiding them for their future. Lastly, why not treat them as a normal child would be treated in a normal classroom.


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Beagle said...

u may be right but i don't think good volunteering can be done without emotions either..