A thought to remember....:)

It was another bright afternoon when I was planning for an evening movie, a friend called up and asked me to accompany for Prayas class instead. Walking along a path way approximately twice as wide as I am, I entered a small room that had just enough accessories to make it look like a classroom:) Somebody was teaching a set of kids that mostly consisted girls. After creating a mild happening I settled down to be a pseudo student for another half an hour. Then promoted as a teacher again a pseudo one I continued with that maths class. Kids had monotonous expression to everything I said, just a plain simple smile, no matter if its a instruction, a formula or a question thrown to them. I seriously had no clue if anything I said made sense to them or not, so, mostly my reaction was also just the same. The class ended just like that, all I could conclude was they all have a smiling face:)

Further classes were much more expressive, I see eclectic minds converging at Prayas. Few kids enjoy studying, few others enjoy the gathering, overall most of them find a reason to come. We are happy to see them inclined towards studies, they think themselves to be better than other community kids that don't come to the classes, they know its good to bath daily, they feel its good to know things around, they like to be aware and we relish all these feelings vicariously.

We plan to move ahead and set up a small arena to make it more look like a proper school. In the process, whole arrangement, architecture, color choices, I enjoyed watching people turn to interior designers:) A happy incidence I remember, Yesterday, 1st Jan 09 , got call from kids, Poonam shouted on phone and wished Didi Happy Diwali:) Mann! it was awesome....sorry sorry didi...Happy new year:) All in all its been good. With consequent classes I tried perceiving their level of understanding and requirements and more or less am still doing the same:) Lets just hope our effort help the kids understand their capability and will and make their living meaningful.

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Raj said...

I think we all have our little stories like this. Its great to see it get expressed in such a forum.

And Sugandha, this is surely an Ode ;)