Family interaction activity – A step forward to involve community

It has been 6 months since we started Talent class, which is huge success. Attendance in this class is always high. We see lot of positive changes in the kids. They are now more aware, determined, and confident. Each kid is different and unique in his own way, some budding talented kids are Poonam – a good painter , Jabaaz - awesome dancer and speaker , Subi - the great all-rounder , Julekha , Kiran.. all are great.

Talent classes not only entertain kids, it also helps them to understand their neighborhood, their environment. Its gives them break from the regular classes and rejuvenate them for further studies.

In spite of regular Talent classes, we feel there is a communication gap among parents, kids and Prayas volunteers .Parents blame their kids for not studying or obeying and kids blame parents for not paying attention to them.

So for overall development of kids, there should be some effort which we need to put to reduce this communication gap.

So keeping that in mind we found a new way of communication with the kids and their parents. This way the small loop holes will be filled up. Complaints and accomplishments of the kids can be discussed at their home. This would not make them feel ashamed for their mistakes as they feel in a meeting in front of all. And also it would make them feel good when it is a compliment for their good performance and good work.

So part of the Talent class program, we start a new initiative called Family interaction activity “A Surprise visit once in a week basis” on weekends, after the Talent class. We select 1-2 kids randomly and go there to meet with whole family.

A short story on our Day 1 visit:

“Our first visit was to Govind’s house. We appeared all of a sudden at their door. He and his family were just surprised. They welcomed us inside. We discussed about the complaint against him from his school. We had a talk regarding his attitude of not paying attention on studies and being inattentiveness in the school. There we came to know that her elder sister, who is also well qualified, help other Prayas kids in their homework etc. Where as Govind never share anything. We talked to his parents and suggested them to guide him just by sitting with him ½ n hr everyday while he does his study. Even Govind promised to do his part and his eyes were just filled with tear drops for his mistakes.

Also we got to know from his family members that as it was taught to them in Talent class to maintain cleanliness on personal basis, family members, and house and outside of the house, he is doing well on that regard and making family members do so.

Our next visit was to Subi’s home. She is doing well in her studies. So we just had casual talk with her mother about her studies and improvement in personal development. We did a check on if she is also maintaining cleanliness as taught. Though she is trying her level best yet found it is still needed to teach the same cleanliness lesson to their parents too. We did so and suggested her other to keep her younger kids in the same clean way as is Subi. “

Really it was a great feeling which the parents expressed as their Kids are given so much importance and Kids felt it as they were really valued and cared so much.

It made us feel that a good relation is built so……
Hope this will go building strong bridge further………

- Prayas Team

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