Women Literacy Class "Meri Pehchaan"--First Milestone

Women Literacy Class "Meri Pehchaan" is really going good and interesting too.
A Journey of 4 months...made us reach upto e first milestone......
[Here "SHE" means each woman in the class]

She was very silent and shy to join the class. She fought, she had arguements with her mother in law, sister in law and husband to attend the class. She burnt her curry on Chulha while writing her homework. The initial days started somewhere in this way. She had interest to read English and know how to write her name in English and Hindi. But she did not ask any time what does she want. She did not know what she want. She was not interested to hear me on the Women Empowerment. It was all rubbish for her.
Days passed with Letters in Hindi and English then came the days of Math countings and addition and deletion. She became regular and her interest was clear to read a news paper or do the calculation in her shop or do the signature at her workplace.
One day she came and told me " Didi ek baat kahun, apko dhanyawad mujhe sign karna sikhane k liye. Aaj jab maine apne company main tankhwa le rahi thi to maine sign kia aur mere supervisor ne kaha, are tumhe sign karna ata hai fir tumne angutha kyun lagaya pichle baar..? to maine kaha pehle nahin ata tha ab sikh gayi hoon aur is kagaj par kya likha hai wo bhi padh sakti hoon, to unhone sabasi di mujhe. "
One day I was telling a story and she said its my story I have never thought who I am always been the Daughter, Sister, Wife, Mother of someone, I dint have my own Identification. I have never said to someone that my name is "------" and not "---- ki maa or ---- ki biwi"Though I do double of the work my husband do but always heard "Mere liye thode hi kar rahi hai, chod de kaam".
She asked me Didi why dont we get the recognition at this age, why dont we have our own identification? What can we do on our own either we dont have scope or we dont have permission???
I had no answer for these questions...So still searching on....
Now she shares her personal and health problems too.. She asks to teach how save money...

She waits for the Saturday n Sunday now....to see the beautiful "akshars" on board.

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