April ’09 @ Prayas

This month was a milestone period for Prayas and here goes a brief on how it went :)

Admissions at Nai Disha & Moonlight

As I was writing the updates of March ’09, it was 12.30AM Midnight and our volunteers were going of to sleep with slightly tensed about what would happen the next morning for the admissions of the children at Nai Disha. Today we proudly announce that a total of 21 children got admitted at Nai Disha (Sec 29, NOIDA) and another 5 at Moonlight Public School (Sec 15A, NOIDA). That is, a total of 26 children attend higher quality schools and now receive better education than before.

The efforts of all our regular volunteers have been a key ingredient to this success and every time I get a chance to write about them I have a new achievement from them to talk about. The volunteers that made this happen are: Darshan, Vikas, Rajat, Rajiv, Tarun, Nikunj, Charu, Anuradha, Sugandha, Selva, Abinash, Anant, Anand (in no particular order of relevance, but as a solid team).

Raj Starts Activity Sessions with the children

One of our veteran volunteers, Raj Bansal, has come back to active volunteering in the past 3 months and has been an active part of educational activities at Prayas. He has started up an activity session on Saturdays where the children are engaged in team building and collaborative games, alertness building sessions, science sessions, and a bit of silent meditation. This has been well appreciated by the children and there is a good attendance on all days for the same.

The most surprising thing I found was one day when all 12 children present were in a sitting mediation position and silent for almost 5-6minutes. This experience, in my close to 3 year engagement with the children of Prayas, was the most silent 5 minutes that I had. And so, here is a marvelous effort by Raj at managing this class and engaging the children in a constructive way.

Raj is supported by Linkan & Rashi to take his sessions. The sessions are planned for all Saturdays from 3PM-6PM at the New Center. You can reach Raj @ 09871826168, if you wish to join him.

New Volunteers this month: Rashi, Anvita Shukla, Daisy Singh

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