Prayas Activity classes: - An experience you can not forget

Prayas Activity classes

In those initial days in Prayas, when the Activity Class was started, I used to just sit and watch the kids. I was trying to read them and think on what they would be thinking. Over the week they have to go through the books and copies for their studies. This was a great initiative to refrain them from the load of bookworms crawling in their mind whole week. This class was started for the senior kids. We started teaching them in a playing mode which gave them lots of lessons and bring out their creativity.
Few important rules for kids’ n volunteers in this class are:
1. Nails should be cut.
2. Should take bath daily.
3. Should come to the class with combed hair.
4. Should put less oil on hair.
5. Hair should be clean and lice free.

On our first day we designed a Name Tag: All the kids were given a plain white paper. They were given to draw anything they like on that paper and write their names in the middle in big fonts. Even we designed our name tags with the kids.

Then we learnt how to maintain hygienic habits and maintain cleanliness in order to stay healthy. During summers, how to take care to avoid skin diseases and rainy days we learnt how to keep ourselves and our houses clean. And when winters came we learnt how to stay away from cold and flu.

We saw animation movie on digestive system, Solar system, Bones. The animated sounds of chewing food, passing through the food pipes and going through the intestines was a nice journey. Lines in book looks good but when a story or movie goes on, it leaves a deep impression and impact on mind. We never remember what we read in book but we do remember what we saw in a film. Similarly when we had a journey through our 9 planets and the galaxy, the sky was not far beyond us.

We had a card designing class for Father’s day celebration. This was a really wonderful session, though my card was very inferior in front of kids’ ones. Their feelings came out in the language of colors.
We learnt how to design cards and bookmarks and we also painted diyas on diwali. Diyas were distributed among the kids to decorate on the eve of diwali and enlighten them.

After a lot shout n study and play we had our Yoga session. This helped us to control our nerves system and get some moments of peace.
We had painting competition among the kids. We all painted our thoughts on the paper. Child artists were really great. When line of thoughts were drawn on the paper the color of dreams were spread out.
We also learnt what is computer what was the history of computer and how does it work and how to draw and paint in computer.

We then thought of adding a surprise visit to kid’s home for a relation built up n interaction session with the parent for each kid. We visited and discussed on their good works and complaints.

We learnt how to give speech and how to stand bold and straight in front of audience in our personality development session.

Within a period of 8 months after crossing a milestone for senior kids, now this session is also taken for Eureka and Fresher’s batch.
For The Eureka batch and fresher’s batch we do play enacting while reading stories and extracurricular activities as done for senior kids. We also did face painting for them.

This can be called as a “Breaking Thought Barrier” Class.

For any ideas & inputs to enhance and build up this session kindly Contact: Me@9971150656/subudhi.linkan@gmail.com or Raj @9871826168/ pushpraj.nit@gmail.com for senior and Eureka batch and Anvita for Freshers batch @9971546756 anvitashukla4u@gmail.com

by subudhi.linkan@gmail.com
AID Prayas Team

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