Bal Sabha: An Experience sharing by a volunteer

On a Sunday evening away from the glistening weekend in a upward metro city I spend some time with children singing and dancing enacting and screaming in a beautifully decorated and tidy room with their Banner flashing "Teacher's DAy Balsabha" inside the lanes of a marganilized community right at the heart of the same city. Its pleasing to see the self confidence build up in these children and it reinstates the faith that giving right and equal opportunities to children from impoverished socio-economic communities gives them the platform to lead a diginified life and they are very much at par with the children from privileged segments of society its just the difference of economics here.

The childrens program was well planned and their performances were amazing. The play which depicts the importance of education in life and linking it to exploitation in the hands of contractors and middle man was a very well thought idea by the children and shows their power to connect to problems surrounding their lives.The flavours of their songs, dances and their surprises for us were a fun filled moment to cherish.

A welcoming Gesture from their families who invited us for "aftaar" - the evening feast on the holy month of fasting during Ramadan was delightining too. The way their families give due importance to education of their children as an essential part of their up bringing is surely laudable. Its mainly the financial circumstances of these families that they cannot afford to provide good school education to their children. When this small gap between their desire for their kids education and their own constraints seems impossible for them to fulfil that social groups like Prayas help to bridge those gaps.And the difference is reflected in the lives of the children and their families.

Such was an afternoon of seeing human hands carying for innocent lives.


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Ravindra Merthi said...

This is such a wonderful experience. I am delighted to see that those childs can differentiate between the right and the wrong. You all guys are working honestly towards the society.