Schedule of the classes

Just to update everyone about the schedule of the classes, and the respective class owners. New volunteers can look for volunteering opportunities at any of the aspects.

Senior batch
Owner: Nakul( 9810722449)
Teacher: Kulwinder Madam
Days: Monday- Friday
Timing: 3.30- 5.30 PM

Eureka Batch
Owner: Charu (9958363035)
Teacher: Kulwinder madam
Days: Monday- Friday
Timing: 3.30 PM- 5.30 PM

Junior Batch
Owner: Anvita( 9971546756)
Teacher: Jyoti Madam
Days: Monday- Friday
Timing: 5.30-7.30PM

Fresher Batch
Owner: Charu(9958363035)
Teacher: Jyoti Madam
Days: Monday-Friday
Timing: 5.30-7.30PM

Senior and Eureka Batch
Days: Saturday and Sunday
Volunteers: Nakul, Charu, Arnav
Timing: 5-7 PM

Junior and Fresher Batch
Days: Sunday
Volunteers: Anvita and Garima
Timing: 5.30-7 PM

Women's classes
Owner: Linkan(9971150656)
Days: Saturday and Sunday
Timing: 6.30-7.30PM

Govt. School Library Initiative
Owner: Anand(9868883583)
Days: Saturday
Timing: 8.00-9.30AM

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