AID Prayas.Heading towards Next Generation

As we all believe that a self sustained independent system should be created in the community so that we can focus on the bigger picture. A small initiative taken by Prashant, Nakul, Prateek and Himanshu in the activity class could mark the beginning of the same.

Introducing a new pedagogy in last two activity classes at AID-Prayas. In the class held on 5thMarch, 2011 the senior and the Eureka batch was combined in the activity class. The class was then divided into 11 groups. Each group had one student from senior batch and one student from Eureka batch. The groups were initially formed randomly but teams were changed in such a manner that least compatible students should form a team. Teams were then given half an hour’s time to prepare any performance. It could be any dance, music, speech, song, act, concept explanation anything from this entire universe. The only rule was that both the team members should be equally involved.


Total Marks (*/40)


Activity Performed

Sakib – Asmeena



Comedy Act

Danishta – Aftab



Sona – Ruby


Patriotic Song

Subi – Shahbaz


Aim of Life (lakshya)

Julekha – Parveena


Explanation of working of a volcano

Jaanbaaz – Seefat



Bal Vivah

Lucky – Sajda


National Anthem

Sajjad – Hapsa



Deepak – Dolly


Comedy act

Shahid – Sonu




Gulabi – Jainav


Conversation related to school

*the marks given are the sum of mark given by four volunteers out of 10, each.

The next activity class took a step ahead. The class on similar pattern was conducted but this time it was conducted by Sona and Jabaaz. All volunteers silently observed the class and the complete class was taken by them. From initiating the concept to team making, query resolving, maintaining discipline in the class, taking individual care and all others aspect were taken care of by them very well. Their first step in the shoes of teacher went very good. If they continue to take such activity classes, may be initially under the volunteer’s guidance then soon, believe they’ll be ready to replace couple of volunteers. Its a happy news to share this with all of you. Ah! Forgot to mention that students review, of them as a teacher, was also very good. They were happy to see Sona and Janbaaz as their teachers and accepted them with an open mind. Merely not an observation but views expressed by children from both the batches.

The purpose of doing so was:

  • Seniors, besides learning for self must also learn to pass on the knowledge they have. A skill required by any and all individual in different stages of life and in different forms.
  • They should have a feeling of responsibility to give back to their own society, which we expect them to do in near future. For them to become role models and future volunteers it is important (as we feel) for them to feel the importance of the same.
  • For juniors, it was important to accept learning and knowledge from various sources other than teachers, Parents and volunteers, who they see as no less than parents.

Further, in future we see to give opportunity to different rather all students from senior batch to step into these shoes and be a support to Prayas.

Appreciative Initiatory by Prashant, Nakul, Prateek and himanshu without whom this would never have taken the shape.

Request to friends and seniors at Prayas to contribute their ideas in context of the above mentioned.

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