Updates from Vision brainstorming rooms

Off late, the community center in Prayas has been bustling with various meetings and discussions. We are heading to restructuring and reorganizing our volunteer setup, and also working on infusing it with fresh energy and new ideas.
The mass arising in community towards child education has been a heartening development and it has also thrown some fresh challenges towards our volunteers. This 26 January it rained enrollments on our counter! The initial battle of changing the mindset and making urban slum dwellers realize the value of education has been achieved! But in the process it also requires us volunteers to look for a new goal to achieve. A completely new vision, diversifying from the field of child education. At AID we believe that all problems are interconnected. To build a sound relation with community members, child education is mostly a soft target. It helps us to enter into the community and understand the core problems and get access to faith of community dwellers. As one of the fellow AIDer Prasanna rightly says: - We cannot be mopping the floor all the time, we need to repair the tap, for once and all. Repairing the tap means diving to the core of the issues of social concerns and working on it.
The restructuring of volunteer setup is almost complete with distributing volunteers into various teams of their choice:-

Recently we have realized that galvanizing community volunteers with new and more responsibilities in our movement would be the best way to set equilibrium in the movement and gradually widespread it.
We have included 5 children from our senior batch, which we have been mentoring and coaching from past three years, in the core committee. Gradually we intend to invite more community participation.
Also we have reshuffled our classes to accommodate our latest batch, which was enrolled on 26th Jan 2011. As we have only two teachers, the introduction of junior most batches requires us to reconsider the allotment of teachers across different batches.
To resolve the resource crunch, it was decided that academic classes of senior most batch during the weekdays should be replaced by academic classes for “Sachin” Batch (The euphoria of winning the world cup this year has made us name this new batch after the Legend “Sachin” himself :o)) . This change does not mean that senior most batch will not have academic classes at all. There will be one class during weekdays (on Wednesday) which will be taken by teachers and two academic classes on weekends which will be taken by volunteers.
Now, this reshuffling will also impact the activity classes for Senior, Eureka and Junior Batches. In the meeting it was decided that activity classes for senior batch can be organized fortnightly (during the time slot for academic classes). Furthermore, activity classes of Eureka & Junior batch will be merged together.
All the changes were made keeping in mind the need to focus more on academics for Senior Batch and to facilitate maximum interaction with the Sachin Batch.
The final “proposed” schedule of classes along with volunteer distribution is as follows:
Senior Batch – Academic – Prateek & Darshan
Eureka + Junior - Activity – Prashant & Himanshu
Fresher Batch – Activity – Nakul & Charu
Sachin Batch – Activity – Anvita & Raj

We hope to continue this process of shuffling and restructuring, till we come up with a vision for our organization.
Getting ready to scale more heights!!!!

Anvita Shukla

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