Dance Team @ Prayas - Needs your Support

With the AID Delhi birthday celebrations nearing, planned for Sunday 25th January, an event hosting children of all our projects across Delhi / NCR. We are expecting atleast 100-120 children, volunteers to settle in & participate in events and games. The plan is to celebrate and have fun.

I presented this opportunity to the children Prayas who were enthused and all reared up to dance their hearts out. Asmina & Ishrat specifically came up and told me that they it was their 'tamannna' (dream) if they could get dress up in pretty clothes to do perform on stage. I was totally for this but we needed somebody to train the children for the performance. And so the search began.

An innocent request that came in from the children and I felt honored to work towards getting it done. Being the lazy person that I am I did put a mail but dint go out actively searching for a choreographer for them, honestly speaking. But thanks to the good hearted and active volunteer lot that we have at Prayas we found not one but two choreographers. Good Work - Sonika & Tarun :)

But we finalised with Apoorva who was from Tarun's office - Kritikal Solutions. And she has been doing a wonderful at this 6 days of dance classes down the line. 

The enthusiasm and happiness while dancing has been an invaluable sight to me the past few days. They keep telling Apoorva about possible different ways of presenting a step - 'Didi, hum aise kar len?'. They are ready to discipline themselves to make the dance appear as beautiful as possible. Apoorva gives them the necessary space that this creative spirit in the children also works along.

And finally, when they are all tired after working hard dancing when they sit down to take a break and drink water there is an observable shade of satisfaction that could be read only through their eyes. Hope we better the ever ready to dance Aashayein team.

Hey, if you wish to support you could pledge an amount you wish to support the team for the cost transport, clothes and accessories. You could also be part of this wish coming true. Please come forward :)

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