Inauguration of New Classroom Setup @ Prayas on Sunday 11th Jan '09

" We heartily invite you to join us on Sunday Jan 11th @ Sector 15A, NOIDA for this new beginning at Prayas. " - Friends of AID Prayas

Prayas has been 3 years in the nurturing from a humble beginning. From supporting a few teenage boys post their work schedules late in the evening to a full fledged preparatory school for young girls and boys we have grown leaps and bounds. From a humble one room setup inside the community we are moving onto a full blown two room set with more space for, as the children say, playing and study.

The volunteers or friends of Prayas have been a dedicated set of didi's and bhaiyya's for the children and today stand proudly to announce to and invite you to the opening of new class at - Nayabans, Sector 15, NOIDA.

Some Achievements: Time Line '06-'09

  1. Jan '06 – Prayas begins
  2. August '06 – Classes start for girl children of the community
  3. June '07 - 25 Kids into government school at Sector 15 NOIDA
  4. March '08 – 5 Children – Suby, Sabreen, Zulekha, Sona & Sajjad, joins Nai Disha a Free School at Sector 29, NOIDA
  5. Jan '09 – A new classroom : Bigger & Better

Prayas has inspired many families and children in the community to look forward to education & literacy as a means to getting their deserved rights and live a better life. We look forward to seeing the same in a much more amplified and focused effort from people much like you and me.

PS: For reaching the location and directions you may call me or Arun Raj @ 9910908774 or Rajiv @ 9811981809

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Muks said...

Good to see some young guns firing. Hope you've a good gathering.
Good luck!!