Seedhi sapaat zindagi bawaal ho gayi!!!!!!!

Heera hates being ordered around, Sonu is a tedious worker, Shahbaaz is the naughtiest one and loves to fantasize, and Rabina has not finished her homework. Charu is totally out of the mind trying to make kids mug up the spellings, so that they score well in their new school –“Nayi Disha”, and I sit there gawking at everything.

I went with almost nil expectations, to this place, met Arun. Arun was just making me aware of all the setup, or let’s frame it this way; I was having my orientation session at Prayas, when these kids poured in. Believe me, I was taken aback by their confidence, with which they extended their hands to shake mine, and asked my name. You don’t always require a convent education to be confident enough; this belief of mine was strengthened that vey day.

I always wanted to do something for the underprivileged kids for the country. Educating them is a fairly appealing idea. Charity begins at home, with this pious intention; I decided to teach my maid at home. Poor woman agreed to my torture smilingly, and there I began with my sessions. For the reader’s info she was pregnant at that time. To my horror she met with a miscarriage the 2nd week of my classes. I dropped the idea of charity at home, that very moment.

Then I came across this organization called Prayas, through one of my old school acquaintance, and leaped in for the chance. After being at the place for very few times, I regret the fact of not coming across it earlier. The delight of being with these kids, who are equally precious to their parents like any other kids, is unfathomable. At least I feel I am making a better use of my life. I do not want any credit for this, because the sheer pleasure and the satisfaction which I get being a very dormant part of the organization –which is full of enthusiastic youngsters, is more than enough. It’s amazing to see the free flow of youth energy in all these non-profitable endeavors. And I find it a better use of my idle time, better than hanging around in the malls punctuated at every corner of the city. That is why I named this composition as “Seedhi sapaat zindagi bawaal ho gayi”. Hanging around with friends is just one normal thing you can do. I got cooler ways than that!!!! And guess what… I am loving it!! :-)

Anvita Shukla

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Rajiv said...

Bhadiya likha hai and I especially liked the title "Seedhi sapaat zindagi bawaal ho gayi!!!!!!!" :)